Allstar Teams

Our All-Star cheer program offers teams for all levels of abilities in tumbling and cheer. We offer Novice/Prep teams for those wanting a lesser time commitment and travel expectations.  Our Prep/Novice level  teams will  compete more locally and regionally.  Our Elite levels  will travel locally, regionally, and nationally for their competitions. EVERYONE MAKES A TEAM!


We put together routines with tumbling, stunts, jumps, and dance set to music to perform at competitions and in-house exhibitions.


We believe there is a Champion in every athlete, at every level! Join our family of champions!



These are our most competitive cheer teams which compete at a higher level, both locally and nationally. Because of our hard working athletes, dedicated parents, and coaches, these teams have won numerous awards, and championships, Elite All-Star is a 12-month nationally competitive program.  Teams practice twice a week to work stunts and routines, a weekly one hour tumbling class is included as well.

(Ages 6-18)




Want a fun way to enter into the world of competitive cheer?  Our Novice All-Star introductory level cheer program will excite you!   There is no previous cheer experience necessary!    Novice/Show teams will compete in  local competitions/exhibitions.  Teams practice each week to work stunts and routine,  a weekly one hour tumbling class is included as well.

(Ages 5-8)





 Our show team program combines all aspects of cheer including tumbling, jumps, stunts and dance into a mini routine for our youngest/newest athletes.    Show teams  are performance teams only and will compete in local competitions/exhibitions only.  Teams practice one hour per week  and  have an  hour tumbling class.

(Ages 3-6)